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Arthritis is a serious disease that should not be left untreated. The disease causes
stiffness and inflammation in the joints of
the body. Arthritis can affect any joint, but commonly occurs in the base of the thumb joint  known as basilar thumb arthritis.

Treatment Options

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If you think that you may have basilar
thumb arthritis consult a doctor. Your
doctor will usually diagnose you by your
pain description and physical evaluation  on the movement of your thumb. X-rays will be taken to show what damage has occurred and determine possible treatment options. 
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Implant Option

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"The BioPro® Modular Thumb Implant provides relief for arthritis in the Metacarpal-trapezium joint. This procedure has the advantage of maintaining movement and a firm foundation for pinch and grip strength maintenance."
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Calling DIYers

The BioPro® Modular Thumb Implant has 
changed many lives. See other patients stories and even share your own.
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 The Modular Thumb implant is intended to treat basal thumb (CMC or carpometacarpal) joint arthritis. The Modular Thumb implant is not recommended for patients who, in addition to basal thumb arthritis, have arthritis in adjacent joints, such as the trapezium/scaphoid joint.  As with any surgical procedure there are risks associated with hand surgery that you should discuss with your surgeon. These potential risks and complications with products used to treat thumb arthritis include infection at the incision site, pain, inflammation and swelling at implant site, allergic reaction to implant material(s), loosening or dislocation of the implant resulting in revision surgery, deterioration or loss of bone, over-production of bone, blood vessel blockage, and negative bodily response due to implant rejection and/or implant wear debris. In addition, your weight, age, and medical history determine your specific risks. Ask your doctor if hand surgery is right for

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